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FIFA may extend 2019-20 season, transfer window


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FIFA will confirm an indefinite extension to the current 2019-20 season, giving the power to each country to determine when their campaign will restart.

As reported by The Athletic, the governing body of world football is also set to change the dates of this summer’s transfer window and allow players to extend their contracts beyond June 30.

The plans, which could be announced in the next two days, means the concept of rendering the season null and void is less likely to materialise as Premier League sides look to avoid paying back huge sums of money in broadcast rights.

This season’s Premier League needs to finish otherwise clubs will be forced to repay £762 million to broadcasters. The report details that specific timeframes for completing the season were not discussed in Friday’s meeting between Premier League clubs – the UK is currently in lockdown due to the coronavirus crisis.

But FIFA’s plans has somewhat relaxed the situation, allowing countries and leagues flexibility in order to finish seasons whenever realistically possible and depending on the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In that same meeting on Friday, the 20 Premier League clubs released a statement saying they would hold talks with their players over accepting a 30 per cent wage cut.

Some Premier League clubs believe the season will have to be finished behind closed doors anyway, due to the restrictions on mass gatherings. But other clubs believe football in the UK should only return when fans are permitted to attend.

FIFA acknowledge that the coronavirus spread is different in each country and thus seasons need to be catered and altered differently. Last week, UEFA committed to finishing the current season including domestic leagues and European competitions.

In terms of the transfer window, the current dates for the summer window in England are June 10 to September 1, though this is now set to change with the season likely to run into July.

Player contracts can now also be extended so current squad members can complete the season beyond the end of their original deal on June 30. However, some EFL clubs are concerned about extending contracts when there is no clear date for football’s return, especially if that will be costing them money with no income being generated via matches.
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